Alpha Prime is a character from the webcomic M9 Girls!

He is a scientist who got severely disfigured by one of his own experiments to achieve cosmic powers. His nickname comes from the fact that he is the first human able to process cosmic energy.

Personality Edit

Alpha Prime is a ruthless scientist intent on understanding the mechanics of achieving powers thru the use of cosmic energy. He is impatient and with a propensity to anger fits. Still, he is able to head a shadow organization with the purpose of perfecting the experiments.

Appearance Edit

Alpha Prime has a huge, scarred body, as a result of exposure to cosmic radiation. He is shown to be losing hair and bulking more as time passes. His eyes glow orange and his skin has pale tones. He is often seen with cables connected to his body.

Abilities Edit

Besides his colossal stature, Alpha Prime seems to have enhanced strength and stamina. He also suffers from radiation poisoning as a consequence of the failed experiment he subjected himself to.