Any is a character of M9 Girls!. She is a Biology major and the self-appointed leader of the M9 Girls. She uses the alter-ego Blue Destiny when in costume.

Personality Edit

Any is an almost shy, quiet girl. She is a straight-A student and takes satisfaction in her achievements. She can be bossy and stubborn, but she is also caring and loyal towards her friends.

Appearance Edit

Any has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She is slim and rather tall. She prefers to wear comfortable clothes. She wears long hair with a characteristic bang that falls across her face.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Blue Destiny, Any has the power to slow down time in a bubble around her, to the point of almost making it stop. She was shown to being able to travel back in time in a non-canonical story, though she was helped by magical means.

Any can also read the emotions of other people. Reading the foremost emotions goes unnoticed by her subject, but it causes discomfort as she reads the inner emotions.