Ben Weiss is one of the main characters of Battle Kreaturez. He is a newbie Kreature Tamer learning the ropes of Kreature Combat.

Personality Edit


Ben is a rookie Kreature Tamer who could be best described as “adorkable”. He's cheerful and kindhearted but he isn't the brightest bulb on the tree (not to mention self-conscious and shy to a fault.) However, he compensates for his shortcomings with with plenty of enthusiasm, a strong emotional connection with his Kreatures, and occasional insight. His motives are sincere; he became a Tamer out of an interest in Kreature Combat for its own sake, not out of shallow aspirations for power, glory or wealth. Although he's his own worst critic, he has more potential than he realizes.

Appearance Edit


Ben is a teenage boy of medium height with a skinny athletic build, blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears pale green sunglasses, a black studded collar and wristbands, and a grey diamond-shaped Tamer Amulet with a blue K-Gem core. His attire is casual, consisting primarily of t-shirts, jeans, cargo shorts and sneakers in various earth tones.

Relationships Edit

Dennis Alvarez Edit

Ben holds Dennis in high esteem, placing him on a pedestal as a mentor and role model. He has great respect and admiration for him. This affinity would seem to go beyond simple hero worship: Ben is head-over-heels in love with him. (Unfortunately for Ben, Dennis isn't single.)

Kristy Winters Edit

Kristy is critical of Ben's recklessness and inexperience, but otherwise she finds the kid endearing and respects his enthusiasm and work ethic.

Wade Romano Edit

Wade is initially unimpressed by Ben's meager combat record and doesn't think highly of him. After Ben proves his worth in battle, Wade begins to give him credit where it's due.

Wally the Platrox Edit

Ben was quite surprised to meet such a well-spoken Platrox. Wally treats him like crap just as he does everybody else, though he harbors more of a personal grudge against Ben's Jagaldie, Slash, for wounding his pride.

Kreatures Edit

  • Slash the Jagaldie

Trivia Edit

  • His favourite TV show is "Beach Fighters", about an all-male team of sexy lifeguards who are also Kreature Tamers.
  • Uses an app called "BLABBR" to chat with an online friend ("DanJeff4eva") about Beach Fighters.
  • Ben's hobbies include running, swimming and hoverboarding
  • Wears rainbow underpants