Clau is a character from the webcomic M9 Girls!. She is depicted as a very optimistic and hyperactive girl. Her heroine name is White Energy.

Personality Edit

Clau appears as a very cheerful girl, although she is prone to fast mood swings. She embraces new ideas enthusiastically, and has a friendly demeanor. However she can be dizzy and loose focus in a matter of seconds. She is the only one of the M9 Girls who shows an overt spiritual side, in the form of New Age and Eastern philosophies.

Appearance Edit

Clau is a skinny girl, with light brown eyes, and brown hair which she usually wears in a ponytail. She dresses informally with comfortable clothing.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Clau is a telekinetic, being able to levitate herself and other objects in her immediate surroundings. It is unclear what are the limits to that power. Clau can also produce energy fields, which she can use offensively as blasts or defensively as shields.