Conan is the main character of Galebound. He is an equestrian who raises and rents out horses for the hamlet of Norin in the Evenheim Province of the Dusk. Recently kidnapped by Din for reasons unknown, but presumably to assist with Din's goal of overthrowing the kingdom of Cymaria (somehow).

Personality Edit

Cynical and sarcastic—at first glance. Despite first impressions, Conan is eloquent, steadfast, and logical, but hides it beneath an obfuscating persona. While this persona is, for the most part, an unconscious habit, he can turn it on at will when he wants to annoy others. He slips into formality in familiar company.

Appearance Edit

Conan wears a loose collared shirt and chaps. Concealed by the chaps is a golden pocketwatch bearing the sigil of Evenheim--a family heirloom. Conan is brunet with dark, seal-brown eyes. He has a small scar around the inside of his right thumb caused by an accident in the stable.

History Edit

Conan was born in Evenheim and raised in the hamlet of Norin. His father left when Conan was eight years old for reasons unknown; his mother passed away of illness four years later. His neighbors, the Fullers, took Conan in until he was old enough to run his parents' stable on his own. He is currently courting his childhood friend, Lucie Fuller, to whom he intends to propose (barring incidents with getting kidnapped).

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Sense danger (the limitations and rules behind this ability are unknown)

Quotes Edit

  • "This is how I met the greatest Magician to ever live."
  • "Didja have to kidnap me?"

Trivia Edit

  • The concept for Conan originated from that boar the little mouse wakes up in The Adventurers Down Under
  • Voice suggestion for your head-canon: Yuri Lowenthal