Crow Eswald is the main protagonist of the Web comic series RED. He is a Dark-haired 256-year old vampire that appeared at Midtown High school at the onset of the series. He is known for his plane dark eyes and his spiky dark hair. he usually wears black T-shirt with a Kite shaped necklace known as the Veles. At the beginning of the comic series, Crow is seen to be homeless after closing from school. After he saves Yuki from a assault from the Gozu gang, he appears at her home requesting to let him stay (live) on her roof for a while. 

Crow worries deeply for two people who are named Elvis and Alna who appear to be his only family. For reason unkown, Crow has broken the Vampire laws which include murder and "Entering Human Teritory" and is currently been hunted by the Vampire Council, Who sent a bounty hunter known as Vadim Von Vogye