Dark can be somewhat cold at times and has a hard time trusting people but he will be warmer towards people he know well. He's very cut off from his emotions and usually pushes back bad memories to the back of his mind, but this can sometimes make him seem rather emotionless at times. He mostly thinks logically, at times more than ethically.


He has the average build of a teenage guy, black messy hair, and yellow eyes.


As a kid, Dark's family was killed, and he was taken in by the Red Vampires who trained him as a warrior. Later on he began thinking about betraying them, and when he saw that the Green Vampires were interested in getting Ronja on their side, he took the chance...


Ronja Edit

Ronja and Dark started dating when they escaped the Red World and have been together for 2 years now.

Gabriel Edit

Gabriel has a crush on Dark... but Dark doesn't know that.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dark is adequately trained in magic, both combat spells, but also more tactical spells and some self-taught stealth magic.


  • "Whoever is singing the Indiana Jones theme, I will kick you off the edge!!!"
  • "You're one to talk. What's it like to have a cannibalistic monster inside of you?"
  • "The fact that you're so okay with slaughtering animals frightens me a little..."
  • "Ronja, do you think I'm edgy?"