Dennis Alvarez is one of the main characters of Battle Kreaturez. He is the Wyldcard team's Chief Kreature Keeper.

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Dennis is a handsome guy with brown hair, brown eyes, numerous piercings and tattoos, and a swimmer's build. At 6'6" in height, he towers over the rest of his teammates. He dresses for comfort, with a penchant for short-sleeved overshirts, tank tops and cargo pants in various shades of green, black, steel blue and cool-grey.

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Kristy Winters Edit

Dennis' girlfiend. As of Chapter 01 they've been together for about five years. They enjoy a loving and affectionate relationship. Though at a glance they seem very different, they're united by a similar sense of humor and a mutual interest in Kreatures. Dennis admires her intellect and strength of character.

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Kreatures Edit

  • Henry the Geksaur
  • Oscar the Scuthon
  • Igor the Spectad

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  • Dennis has twelve piercings and eight tattoos spread across his body.
  • In chapters 2 and 3, Dennis' amulet has a plain grey case, which he swaps out for a custom case given to him by Ben that is black with neon green stripes.

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