Dennis Alvarez is one of the main characters of Battle Kreaturez. He is the Wyldcard team's Chief Kreature Keeper.

Personality Edit

Dennis is a fun guy to be around; he's laid-back, outgoing and charismatic. While he may not always take things seriously, his casual attitude belies an infectious passion for the people and Kreatures he cares about. Having grown up around Kreatures, their husbandry is second-nature to him. Dennis is the most empathetic member of the Wyldcard team. He is thoughtful, affectionate and treats his teammates like family. He has a nurturing side which compels him to help others learn and grow, a bottomless well of patience, and always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Appearance Edit

Dennis is a handsome guy with brown hair, brown eyes, numerous piercings and tattoos, and a swimmer's build. At 6'6" in height, he towers over the rest of his teammates. He dresses for comfort, with a penchant for short-sleeved overshirts, tank tops and cargo pants in various shades of green, black, steel blue and cool-grey.

Relationships Edit

Kristy Winters Edit

Dennis' girlfiend. As of Chapter 01 they've been together for about five years. They enjoy a loving and affectionate relationship. Though at a glance they seem very different, they're united by a similar sense of humor and a mutual interest in Kreatures. Dennis admires her intellect and strength of character.

Ben Weiss Edit

Dennis sees potential in Ben, and takes him under his wing. He grows to love Ben in a platonic way, viewing him almost like the little brother he never had.

Wally the Platrox Edit

Wally owes Dennis a debt of gratitude for reviving and harboring him after finding him on the brink of death. His relationship with Dennis could be compared to something between that of a beloved childhood pet and a parasitic deadbeat sibling.

Wade Romano Edit


Kreatures Edit

  • Henry the Geksaur
  • Oscar the Scuthon
  • Igor the Spectad

Trivia Edit

  • Dennis has twelve piercings and eight tattoos spread across his body.
  • His main hobby is surfing; it used to be Kreature Taming, but now that's his career.
  • He likes to relax by lounging around, smoking pot and playing video games.
  • In chapters 2 and 3, Dennis' amulet has a plain grey case, which he swaps out for a custom case given to him by Ben that is black with neon green stripes.