Emily is a human turned mermaid and the main protagonist of Down Under.

History Edit

Emily was orphaned at age 4 when her parents died due to unspecified circumstances. She lived in the West Seaside orphanage over by the coast for four years, where due to her shyness and reluctance to move on without her parents, had trouble making friends. She acquired many useful skills from being in the girl scouts, but never learned how to swim and was afraid of the water.

One night, she snuck out of the orphanage to get away from her snoring roommate to relax by the beach, where she came across a mysterious cave. Captivated by it's beauty, she accidentally fell into the water, where she was hit with a magical beam from the full moon and turned into a mermaid. She was then swept into the ocean where she was found by a baby sea lion whom she named Flippy.

Personality Edit

Emily is a shy and cautious little girl, although she still sometimes lets her curiosity get the better of her, which led to her becoming a mermaid. Despite this, she has a keen sense of seeing the beauty in the world around her. Prior to meeting Flippy, she had difficulties making friends with any of the other kids. Since the death of her parents, she has struggled to come to terms with it, which has contributed to her shyness. She is also very resourceful, due to her being in the girl scouts. However, prior to becoming a mermaid, she didn't know how to swim and had a fear of water, which made adjusting to being a mermaid all the more difficult.

Appearance Edit

Emily is a young Caucasian child with long blonde hair and a green fish tail. Prior to becoming a mermaid, she wore her hair in a ponytail and wore a pink shirt with overalls. As a mermaid, her hair is freely flowing and she doesn't normally clothing.

Relationships Edit

Flippy Edit

Flippy is Emily's best friend and her most constant companion, who like her, is also an orphan. Since meeting him, he has helped her learn how to swim and has helped her deal with her insecurities. Thus, she has been there for him when no one else was.

Miss Henderson Edit

Miss Henderson is a worker at the orphanage who has grown very fond and protective of Emily. During Emily's time at the orphanage, she gave her guidance and tried to help her with her insecurities and problems.

Trivia Edit