Gerald is one of the main characters of Re:Set. He appeared after Michelle Vinson opened the box and claimed that it is his duty to assist her seal the seven demons back to the box. His past and interests are unknown at the moment.

Personality Edit

Gerald is an older brother type, who nurtures and cares for his friends. He is also very responsible for everyone under his care, especially Mike. However, he uses sarcasm as a method of hiding his true feelings, which can easily be misinterpreted, no matter how good his intentions are. He is also quite proper, who always protests on Mike's use of foul language.

Appearance Edit

Gerald is a very tall, sturdy-looking man, with dark blue hair and light blue eyes, who is easily recognizable by the amount of scars he has in his whole body. He has two distinct facial scars on his right cheek and his left eye. He often dresses sloppily as he has zero knowledge on fashion.

History Edit

Mike met him when she was about to make a contract with Sloth, Gerald tried to prevent her but failed to do so. Afterwards he has no memories on what happened.

Relationship Edit

Mike Edit

It is implied that Gerald has a crush on her, but at this point it is heavily one-sided.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Gerald can enhance his own body functions using magic, but he has a very low magical ability.

Quotes Edit

  • "Less cussing, more focusing."