Honestly Confused is a slice-of-life comic regarding two high school freshmen as well as a bunch of other characters no one actually cares about.

Summary Edit

Jackson, a handsome asshole who's a tad too smart for his own good and Noah, an archetypically goofy / fun-loving / kind-of-idiot, have, for some reason, been the best of friends for who knows how long. There's also Anna, Noah's "love interest," although things are a tad more complicated than that. That's all I'll put here for now.

Content Warnings Edit

Language and occasional sexual themes.

Characters Edit

Jackson Edit

Jackson is, as previously mentioned, an incredibly smart, confident, and handsome guy. He's practically perfect, except for the fact that he's an incredible asshole willing to manipulate people's emotions just to further himself. As such, his only real friend is Noah.

Noah Edit

Noah, Noah, Noah. He's not very good with people; his common sense is downright horrible; and his interests are often plain old weird. But deep down, he's a sensitive person and a really nice guy. So why is he hanging out with Jackson?

Anna Edit

Anna is a very shy girl who met Noah at a party and hit it off with him, presumably due to their common interests, such as awkwardness. She's quite a bit more complex than that, but for the sake of preserving future spoilers, I'll just leave this here.

About the Creator Edit

GMB13carat is the creator of this webcomic. That's all you need to know.