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I'm Not Your Friend is a Web comic series hosted on ComicFury. it tells the story of Six teen girls star in simplistic comedy comic.

Synopsis Edit

INYF is about six girls and their day-to-day shenanigans, usually involving media satire or relatable day-to-day situations. The six have very different personalities, and most of the comedy comes from watching them clash with each other.

About The Author Edit

Sharpy takes pride in pleasing his fan base, and wants to be a professional musician.

Characters Edit

  • Carol is an attractive popular girl with a cheerful attitude an uncontrollable desire for attention.
  • Rachel is a sarcastic rich girl that's easily aggravated.
  • Susan is Carol's sister, an artist, and obsessed with finding a boyfriend.
  • Monica is a die-hard video game fan and aspiring rock musician who wastes Rachel's money on useless stuff.
  • Dana is an unintelligent girl, obsessed with having perfect hair, and likes blogging, but is usually just plain old stupid.
  • Natalie is Dana's smart friend, who tries to help Dana function in society.

Reception Edit

The comic has received mostly positive to mixed reviews

Trivia Edit

  • Monica was the first character created for the comic.
  • Rachel had blue hair in the first few comics, but later switched to purple.
  • There are at least 9 comics no longer available on the comicfury page, due to the creator either finding them too inappropriate or simply unfunny.
  • There are several older versions of comics with missing limbs and similar goofs, which are usually deleted mere minutes after being posted.