I Dislike You is a web comic series hosted by Comic Fury and created Dylan D. The comic is about seven different people.: Mega, Jason, Dotty, Jack, Kat, Jenny, Lars. They all live in one apartment. The comic is basically about them and what they do. They meet others. They go on adventures. They travel. They fight. They hate dislike each other.

About The Author The author is Dylan D.... He was born April 1st, 2000. Claiming to be The Worst Content Creator on The Internet! He fully accepts the fact that his life is a joke. He began writing I Dislike U his Junior year of high school. It started as doodles of himself and fictional characters in his notebook. Until he wrote a story line for these characters. Thus, I Dislike U was born. Much to the dismay of everyone.


I Dislike U is about seven people getting into trouble, going on adventures and everything in between.

Genre The genre is weird. At first, it seems like gag-a-day/story-based. Then it gets kinda sci-fi plus all those. Eventually, it will be so disorganized it will be about all the characters were aliens and wizards killing each other. Or the author will make up his own-damn mind.


Mega: Home schooled his entire life, Mega has NO social life. His smiles are few and far between. Jason: Mega's "Friend". Jason believes he is perfect. Nobody has said otherwise. Must be true! Jason loves to help others. Dotty: Dotty want's a normal life. Then she met Jason and Mega. She is currently thinking of what other dreams were crushed by reality Jack: Jack is a jerk. He doesn't hate anybody. He just likes pissing others off. Yep, That's all. Kat: Dotty's sister is a ball of energy. She likes partying and setting couples up. She also likes loud music. Jenny: Jenny bases her self-worth on who she is dating. She also has a TINY stalking problem. Lars: Lars is even more of a grump than Mega. He wants nothing more than a lot of money and to be left alone. He gave up on that when he got a roommate.

Trivia -Dylan D....'s four dots come from math. Three dots mean a sequence goes on forever. Four Dots mean probably even more than forever. -Mega used to be Dylan's avatar. But self-inserts are dumb. -Jason's design is loosely based on Joe from Dumbing Of Age and Roomies! by David Willis. -Lars originated from a school project Dylan did on the crusades. -Dylan refuses to do anything except make comics, play video games or watch TV.


is lukewarm. The beginning is terrible. But Dylan has been told it gets better. His Dad thinks it's great throughout.

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