Karlita is a character from the webcomic M9 Girls!. She is an upper-class, popular girl with a liking for fashion and trendy stuff, though she is internally kind of a geek. Her hero persona is called Pink Starlight.

Personality Edit

At first, Karla appears uppity and snobbish, being a social butterfly. She seems aloof and materialistic; however, it has been suggested that she is actually very smart although she does not like to let that part of her personality become very apparent. Still, she likes dressing well, to the point of designing superhero uniforms for her and the girls in what she considers proper superheroine fashion.

Appearance Edit

Karla is a petite girl, with green eyes and brown-reddish hair which she wears to her shoulders. She prefers wearing dresses and fashionable clothes. She favors pink, which she wears even on her heroine costume.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Karlita can command light. The most obvious form of this power is her ability to produce colorful sparks and light glows from her hands. She can actually surround her whole body in any kind of light spectrum. An interesting side effect of this power is that she can actually become white light, rendering her effectively invisible.