Masque is a Web Comic series hosted by Comic Fury and created by SkepticalDemon. The Comic revolves around Masks, magic and Mischief.

About the author: SkepticalGemon Loves Pad Thai, sitcoms and making comics. Previously collaborated on the web comic Cintamani as well as Hope and Ashes which has since been taken down. Does comics for a fun hobby, but doesn't have any financial plans related to comics in the future.


In a far off wasteland there live the Fae; magical creatures who wield the powers of enchanted masks. One night the king of the Fae, Oberon, lost his mask. Whoever controls said mask will possess great power, enough to disrupt the balance of the world. The King has sent his best knights in search of the mask. They will have to overcome serial killers, a brutal tournament, the dangers of the mysterious land, and an ancient cult in order to return the king's mask to it's rightful owner


- Twig

- Fern

- Luck: A wasteland serial killer and the horseman of Death in the Limbo Family. Loves poetry and "justice."

- The Young Executive: A servant of Oberon. Seemingly omnipotent. His motives are shrouded in mystery...







The story was originally thought up in childhood. The majority of characters are re-drawings of pictures from childhood. The comic is a love story to child-like imagination. Creating the comic helped the author through depression.


Masque has been out since June of 2017 and as of July 2017 hasn't had much of a fallowing. Most critique's and reviews appreciated the quirky style of the comic despite it's amateurish execution.


Links: Masque the comic series. Masque fan page.