(Watch out for spoilers >_>)


Matt loves comics, games and shows, he likes geometry, and he is very loyal and selfless. He's extroverted and loves making friends but a little socially awkward. He is rather gullible, and never rejects a call for help.


He is white, rather tanned, has brown hair and brown eyes.


He was raised in Britain with strict parents that didn't treat him very well. He was also bullied in school but he became best friends with Terence.


Ally Edit

Matt has a crush on her. It hasn't gone any further...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Can use water magic, but is very inexperienced.


  • "If I just sit still and say nothing, I'm sure not to do anything embarrassing..."
  • "I mean, personally, I'm more of a Pepsi guy, but maybe that's just because the logo appeals to me more..."
  • [unconscious; dreaming] "T-Totoko-chan... you're being so bold..."

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