Michelle Vinson, also known as Mike, is one of the main characters of Re:Set. She opened the box containing seven demons to the world, thus creating an alternate reality when magic and demons exist.

Personality Edit

Mike was a model student at school who always behaved properly, but she's actually repressing her actual self, a lonely, self-loathing, often rude, spoiled child. She is blunt and sometimes tacky, which is why most people dislikes her in first glance. Mike didn't have many friends, and thus, is unfamiliar with creating relationships with other people.

She also loathes her mother since she cheated on her father and remarried, leaving Mike dealing with loneliness.

Appearance Edit

Mike has a petite appearance and slender figure, with short light blonde hair and golden eyes. She always wears a headphone around her neck.

History Edit

Mike received a present from her father for her birthday, an odd-looking box, which when opened released seven demons. She was forced to make a deal with one of them, and picked Sloth to form a contract with.

She ended up being imprisoned on her hometown, and her whole townsfolk turned into mindless zombie-like creatures. She later was saved by Gerald, who strangely seemed to know her. He told her that in order to return everything back to normal, she had to seal the seven demons back into the box,

Relationship Edit

Gerald Edit

Mike looks at Gerald like a family she never had, and is completely oblivious to his feelings.

Ryuuzaki Ryuudou Edit

Ryuuzaki proclaimed himself as her rival, but she never really takes him seriously. They has an odd friendship since middle school, and has called each other names ever since.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mike is able to use telekinetic powers from Sloth, but she is still struggling to master it at the beginning of the story.

Quotes Edit

  • "Dude, hakuna your tatas."
  • "Gerald is family, I won't let you hurt my family!"