Mike is introverted, he likes making friends but he's quiet voiced. He likes games and friendly competition, most football and racing, and he likes kids. He has severe claustrophobia and he is easily guilt-tripped which makes him susceptible to manipulation. He hates being lonely or trapped.


Mike is white, blonde and has blue eyes, like a regular scandinavian. He is somewhat muscular but it's not very visible. He also has a scar and an injured eye.


Mike grew up in Denmark with his mom who never took very good care of him, but he was liked in school, had friends and did well academically. Of course that all changed when he got involved with Heverics...


Ronja Edit

Mike had a (mutual) crush on Ronja for a while but he had to move on when she started dating Dark.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is trained in wind magic, mostly ranged attacks and some tactical spells.


  • [first thing he says after losing his voice for weeks] "RONJA THERE'S A GHOST IN THE HALLWAY"
  • [after being lost in a foreign world, all his friends are dead and his crush almost killed him] "Well this sucks"
  • "Why are there dead people everywhere?!"
  • "Wait wtf, you're asking me to waltz into a vampire palace where humans aren't allowed and distract the guards and I'm not even allowed to speak?!"