Monster Hunter Club is an ongoing action/fantasy webcomic drawn and written by ServerPanda. It follows the adventures of monster hunter Basil Fortune and is drawn and colored in traditional medium.

Summary Edit

Basil Fortune is a member of the elite monster hunting guild, Grand Exodus. Paid in gold and fame, hunters are also given a number of points with each kill, depending on their performance, that they can use to spend on outrageous weapons, armor, and even magical items! Can Basil become the richest hunter the world of Valerias has ever known

Plot Edit

MHC opens with Basil in combat with a giant eagle-like monster. Upon the monster's defeat, it reveals its true form as a giant humanoid legendary monster who offers Basil a deal: Basil's life in exchange for Basil's silence about the monster's existence...which Basil turns down in the most goat-like manner.

Characters Edit

Basil Fortune

A professional monster hunter in the guild Grand Exodus.

Noel Rose

Star Caramel

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