Pascal is one of the major characters in Galebound, a Magician employed by the Cymarian Court. He first made an appearance in Evenheim as an assassin sent by the court to kill Conan.


Pascal dresses almost exclusively in black as if he read somewhere that stealthy characters wear black. He also sports a red cravat, matching the color of his magic. He is brunet with green eyes and is said to take after his mother. Although not readily apparent, he has several weapons stored on his person at all times; the exact number and nature of these weapons is unknown and where he manages to store all of them is beyond human ken.

 Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Magician, Pascal is capable of using magic. Thus far, he has exhibited the ability to:

  • Summon weapons
  • manipulate fire

Trivia Edit

  • Pascal's name was originally 'Kajj', named after a player in Ragnarok Online.