Initially while outwardly Phara can be seen as cold and somewhat bitchy, internally she is far more insecure in nature. Phara cloaked herself in a false identity for so long it nearly consumed her. Since shedding it with her clothes Phara has proven to be a loving and protective big sister sharing her brothers dry wit. Despite the acceptance she has received a part of Phara is still haunted by her actions, but the sometimes bull headed woman is determined to not let her newly rediscovered family down.


Phara is an expert duellist having been tutored by the Blademaster himself and as a result is strong in the force. Phara has also proven to be a good marksman with a rifle and a capable pilot when needed.

Weapons and accessories: Phara wields a blue bladed sabrestaff and wears a belt into battle. She has found that despite her lack of armour she is even deadlier then she ever was clothed. Phara has recently taking to using the N’Grant-Zarvel 9118 Heavy Carbine for ranged combat.


Phara was born to a Republic pilot and a rogue Nightsister during the Clone Wars. Shortly after the end of the war and the begging of the Purge they went on the run. Phara’s mother Mera was pregnant however and after Phara’s brother little Cal was born they had to move far slower. Eventually the Empire found them and during the fighting Mera hid Phara and Cal away, her last words to her daughter was to protect Cal. Phara did her best to keep Cal safe but ultimately was found by the Empire. Young Phara decided the best way to keep Cal safe was to become indispensable to the Empire. When Cal fled Phara worked even harder becoming someone else, something else in an effort to save her brother from fates worse then death. Phara in this time became embroiled in a rivalry with Bandon Husk and caught the eye of the Blademaster who trained her in arts long since forgotten among the Sith. Phara, or Inquisitor Pyso as she was known, developed a reputation as a mind stealer and as a coldly efficient warrior. Eventually her searching paid off when Cal and Kara started to attack the Empire. Using the link between them as siblings she tracked them down to Felucia. Phara finally was able to remove the mask she had worn for so long and embrace her brother. When he refused to join her in what she considered safety Phara gave in to darkness and attempted to force him to come with him. Being laid bare however fully awoke her old personality and eventually led Phara to rebel against the Empire for the sake of her brother. Phara became one of the founding member of Bare Squadron along with Malya, Kara, Keyla and Cal. Since then Phara spends every day trying to better herself and atone for the mistakes of her past