RED is a web-comic series written and illustrated by Munachi Umezulike. It tells the story of Crow Eswald, a mysterious vampire who appears at Midtown high school and is acquainted with a young teenager called Yuki. He then discovers that is a Red, one of a few who posses the power to protect the world from the evil vampires.

The series launched on the 18 March 2016, after almost two years of preparation. RED is hosted by Comic fury is every chapter is released once every week Saturday (7 Pages a Week). RED is currently available in only English Language.

Plot Edit

A Mysterious vampire named Crow Eswald, appears at Mid-town high school and is acquainted with a young teenager called Yuki. He Saves her from the Gozu, a group of high school hooligans who extort money from innocent students at the school. after that, Crow doesn't hesitate to reveal his true identity to Yuki, leaving her in utter confusion about the existence of vampires.

Characters Edit

Crow Eswald Edit

A two hundred and fifty-six Year old vampire that appears at Mid-Town High school.

Yuki Edit

An eighteen Year old girl, In the 11th grade at Mid-Town High school.

Midori Edit

Midori is a straight A student and is Kouji's best friend. Five Years ago, a vampire  attacked Midori's family and killed his parents.

Kouji Edit

Midori's best friend. Kouji is always clowning and goofing around.

Elvis Edit


Alna Edit


Contents and Reception Edit

RED is flagged S! V! L!. The series contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is rated PG. 

Vampires Edit

Although vampire are beings from folklore who subsists by feeding on the life essence of the living. Munachi attempts to depict Vampires in RED as beings with Dark Energy (Energy of Death) instead as blood sucking creatures.

Reference Edit

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