ShadowFury was an alternate version of the ComicFury site that existed only on April 1st 2015. Whilst appearing very similar in some ways to the original site, it soon became infamous for its animated rainbow backgrounds, curly fonts, chocolate milk and dancing baby gators.

Voting off Edit

Voting off was one of the key features of ShadowFury. It replaced the likes and dislikes function on forum posts, and when a user recieved 3 votes, they would be exiled from ComicFury to ShadowFury, or visa versa. The forums soon dissolved into chaos with users making threads to actually request votes, as users exiled to one site were unable to view and respond to threads on the other.

The ShadowFury forum was known as 'the pit' and was not too dissimilar to Mediterranean Avenue on the regular site, only slightly more stupid and with many more joke fights.

Saving the baby gators Edit

Dancing baby gator

The original dancing baby gator.

Shortly after the fall of ShadowFury, one user, LeRenardRoux, claimed to have saved some of the baby gators from their destroyed homeland, and sought to rehome them with other comicfury users. After requesting a specific colour, users were then given one (or in one case, twin) baby gator(s,) along with their new friend's name and personality. These baby gators were a common sight in signitures, until a site moderator reminded everyone of the forum rules regarding animation, and the reptiles were resigned to user profiles. 

Legacy Edit

To this day, some users still have their dancing baby gators visible on their profiles. The pit is also frequently mentioned, usually in regards to users (usually jokingly) challenging each other to fights, and 'meet me in the pit' has become a popular phrase. The pit in fact still exists, and posts can be made there by changing the thread number when posting to 20.