"Life is poison."

Suicidal Penguin is a random online webcomic written and illustrated by Boris Dauffagen, or simply Name315  (N/\ME). 


Suicidal Penguin is probably your regular everyday webcomic. No big deal, right? But if you read this comic, expect extreme randomness (and maybe even some "unfunny" jokes). Suicidal Penguin is made by the wonderful YouTube animator NΛME.


Even though it's pretty random, some of the comics are about a webcomic artist/animator (referencing to NΛME himself, as he is also a YouTube animator). The rest of the comics are like sitcoms spread out in comic form.

About the CreatorEdit

Boris Dauffagen (Known in YouTube as N/\ME; known in other places as Name315) is a YouTube animator and a webcomic artist. That's it.


  • Suicidal Penguin is one of the comics made by N/\ME which wasn't thrown out. In the past, N/\ME himself made a lot of comic series, but failed mostly due to lack of originality and audience.
  • Due to NΛME's addiction to the sci-fi show Rick and Morty, there are some influences present.
    • Suicidal Penguin #0004 is a reference to the episode Rick Potion #6 in which Rick Sanchez, an old scientist and is a protagonist, asks Morty Smith, his grandson and also a protagonist, for his DNA, in which Morty responds by pulling his zipper down and attempting to show his genitalia.
    • The face :3 is mostly used in Rick and Morty and therefore may have influenced NΛME to also use the face.
  • A lot of the art style used in the webcomic can be sourced from various other media.
    • The style of the characters are both influenced by a series of videos made by TomSka called asdfmovie and a short clip in the Patreon video of a YouTube animator named Alan Becker.
    • The surroundings have a style similar to Jeff Kinney's book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 
      • It also happens that the program used by Kinney to illustrate the drawings in Wimpy Kid is also the same program used by NΛME (Adobe Animate/Flash Pro).
  • NΛME is also addicted to the Netflix show Stranger Things. Suicidal Penguin #0027 is about a guy who loses his pen, which rolls to a portal under his chair leading to a dimension where a humanoid thanks the guy for the pen. NΛME thought of it when he was reminded that he was always losing his pens after falling from the chair, but it also reminded him of Stranger Things due to a sudden portal appearing in the overworld.
  • There's also another comic named "Bob: The Suicidal Penguin" by Scott van Slyck, and it's a political cartoon about a penguin named Bob who wants to die but fails due to the lack of context in his plans. Suicidal Penguin, NΛME's webcomic, is, however, not identical to Slyck's.