Summary Edit

TBA Kids is a slice of life spinoff of TBA in order to provide even focus to the two groups of characters.

Plot Edit

Tired of being shoved to the background, Kayla and Tina set about to form their own separate comic from Holly and friends. From Kayla's teasing of her sisters, to Katie's perpetual attempts at making Greg her pet, and Tina failing at sports, follow the kids of Millwood as they go about making mischief. And don't mind the shattering sound, it's just the fourth wall breaking.

Characters Edit

Kayla Reed - Ten years old. Holly's youngest sister. Kayla shows little emotional variance and often lives in her own imagination, when she isn't playing with the minds of those around her. Prone to venturing outside the fourth wall.

Katie Reed - Abby's niece and Kayla's neighbor, as well as her closest friend. Katie is obsessed with cute, and is good at scheming. Her goal is to make Greg her pet or living doll.

Tina Marin - Friendly but a bit incompetent. Tina has a bad habit of being overconfident especially when her skills are lacking, and causes Melanie quite a bit of trouble on their soccer team.

Melanie Williams - Lives a few houses down from Amanda, and is also friends with Tina. Melanie is cheerful but takes her hobbies seriously, and quite impatienct with Tina's antics. She heads a youth soccer and baseball tea.

Sami Meadows - Somewhat recent transfer student. Sami is friendly but has a very short attention span and can sometimes get herself lost as a result. She likes making puns and finds the strangest things perfectly normal.

Amanda Dunn - Younger sister of Greg. Amanda is laid back and a bit sarcastic, and has no respect for her brother especially over his failure to notice that Allie likes him. She gets along well with Amanda and often proves to be Kayla's partner in crime when Greg babysits her.

Greg Dunn - Amanda's brother. Somewhat bland and often finds himself victim of Katie's kidnapping or Kayla strange schemes.

Holly Reed - Kayla's older sister.

Chisa Reed - Kayla's oldest sister. Very gullible and likes cheese.