The Professor is a character from the WebComic M9 Girls!

He is a geneticist who is studying the effects of cosmic radiation in living organisms. The nickname "T.X" (pronounced "Tech") was given to him by his former colleague in honor of the chemical compound he developed.

Personality Edit

The Professor appears quite and absent-minded, though in reality he is very clever and cunning. He pursues his scientific research with a passion and, though not as ruthless as his former colleague Alpha Prime, he pushes on the boundaries of ethics. Although his reasons for encouraging the M9 Girls to become a hero team are still unclear, he seems to be fond of the girls and he certainly seems to reciprocate Any's feelings for him.

Appearance Edit

The Professor is a middle-aged, attractive man, tall and lean. He has jet black hair and honey-colored eyes, always hidden behind dark glasses. There is still no in-comic explanation for his use of the glasses.

The Professor spends most of his time at his lab, so he usually wears lab coats on top of turtle necks or shirts. When outside, he also prefers wearing long raincoats.