The Skull is an antagonist from Kaza's Mate Gwenna who first made his appearance in the story arc; The Danger, The Diamond & The Dowager.

History Edit

The Skull is a mysterious terrorist who runs a large army of mercenaries and has numerous contacts within other organizations of evil and their allies within the structures of power. The story of the Skull's first encounter with Kaza is unknown, but Kaza clearly knows him, and hates him with a passion.

The Danger, the Diamond and the Dowager Edit

When Lady Catherine returned to the jungle bearing the long lost Solomon's Diamond she was followed by the Skull and his minions. The "diamond" it turns out, was in fact the fabled Philosopher's Stone, that turned lead into gold and other magical properties. The Skull and his allies were planning on using the artifact to manipulate the global economy. The stone proved to be unstable and ended up destroying the Skull's temple hide out. Kaza rescued the Skull from certain death, and handed him over to the custody of Commander Battle.

Aftermath Edit

Some time after being taken into custody, the new President of the United States quietly pardoned the Skull. The President had been part of the group organizing the economic takeover, and rewarded the Skull for his loyalty and silence. Though it was largely a ploy to keep the Skull someplace where he could be more easily removed, and the President sent Tona Zehm the leader of his personal hit squad to eliminate him.

Appearance Edit

The Skull is a man of average height, with pale white skin and his face is apparently skinless bleached white bone. He doesn't appear to have eyes, yet can see. He tends to wear long coats with matching wide brimmed hats.

Trivia Edit

  • Like many characters in Kaza's Mate Gwenna, the Skull is derived from a Fox Villain of the same name.
  • The Skull's "vacation" was a two page story created for the Comic Fury Summer Crossover Exchange. It was a crossover with Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich. The pages ended up getting incorporated into the Crisis Down the Yellow Brick Road story line.
  • Chippewa Ghost, the Valkyries creator, went on and created three more pages expanding the story in Junk in the Trunk, the Valkyries comic's extras section. (1 2 3)
  • The Skull also made a small cameo later in Valkyries as well.