The Ward is a science fiction horror webcomic by Parkblog79. It follows the story of a detective as he tries to find the correlation between several deaths. The story circles around a supernatural infectious disease.


In May 2016, nearing the end of his first webcomic, Parkblog decided to start a new project that would be mostly pre-planned. The basic concept of the story was created, and the plot was formed.

On June 9th, the comic started off.


Mark Evans: The main protogonist. An Inspector of Death, Evans solves cases associated with murders. Not much is known about his past life.

Afred Miller: One of the first people to die from the disease. He writes a message on the wall of the ward he was in, which becomes a very important clue.

Ava Miller: One of the first people to die from the disease, along with Alfred.

Rating InformationEdit

Because the author is very interested in rating systems, he has provided some rating information:

Rated PG-13 for moderate bloody violence, along with language at a PG level.